Phnom Penh

Tat Guesthouse

Street 125 | Phnom Penh | (July, 2012)

So Phnom Penh is by no means suffering from a shortage of cheap guesthouses. Is this one different? Yes and no. Fan rooms range from $3 to $11ish depending on how big the room is and whether you need your own bathroom. A/C rooms run more of course. And, of course, all prices depend on length of stay and bargaining ability. Rooms are reasonably clean and some have satellite TV.


Located by Olympic Stadium, Tat is not really terribly near any bustling tourist areas or foreigner hangout places. There are a couple guesthouses in the neighborhood, but the area is generally a Khmer area with a small Vietnamese presence. If you're looking for nightlife near a guesthouse, not so much here. The outdoor sitting area up top slows down after 10pm when food stops being served. The food is pretty good, though slightly expensive compared to other places in the neighborhood, to be expected. Many of the folks staying here are volunteers or teachers of one type or another, or mellow travellers happy to be away from other travellers, so the "slimeball backpacker" ratio is very low (no, not you, the nasty guy next to you stealing your crap).


UPDATE: The new Narin is open next door and has draft beer. I slightly prefer Tat for staying, but the owner of Tat says that you can order draft beer brought to Tat from Narin (the owners are brother and sister). Do it!


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