From Phnom Penh, Head North!

Northeast Cambodia Resources

Most Southeast Asian, even "Cambodian" travel itineraries I see, exclude trips north or east of Phnom Penh. That is just silly. Below I have noted a few (of my own) resources for those interested in heading towards northeastern Cambodia.

  • A Great Way to Experience Kampong Cham: There is a homestay just outside of Kampong Cham that provides its guests with unforgetable cultural experiences and incredible food. I suggest that people head to Kampong Cham if for no other reason than to stay there.
  • Kratie Information: Here I have some up-to-date information about Kratie and vicinity. It's a pretty interesting and pretty place.
  • Kratie Alive!: One great way to experience all sides of Kratie, the natural, historical, and cultural, is by heading out on a two-day/one-night exploration of both sides of the Mekong. It includes a homestay, a lot of local Khmer food, and, of course, dolphins! (See the itinerary here)
  • A few hours in Stung Treng: A pretty un-helpful description of a short chunk of time I spent there while I waited for a bus.
  • Banlung Information: The most up-to-date information about Banlung, Ratanakiri around.
  • Banlung Alive!: There are many reasons to go to Banlung: forest trekking, waterfalls, Yaklom Lake, minority cultures... For anything you might want to do in town (especially if it involves being led by ethnic minority guides), I know the best people to help you out.
  • Ratanakiri Life: A bunch of my blog entries are about Ratanakiri and that area. Here they are.



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