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Krieng, an ethnic Kreung from Ratanakiri, makes utensils.Tours for the independent traveller... who doesn't like tours.

Cambodia Alive! tours are designed to fulfil one primary goal, to help travellers experience Cambodia's greatest resource, its people.

For many visitors to Cambodia, the itinerary is very similar. They head to Siem Reap to check out Angkor and then they move on to Phnom Penh, maybe, to visit Khmer Rouge historical sites. While these destinations and experiences can be very visually, emotionally and intellectually stimulating, they really only let you meet dead Cambodians.

Why not take a couple hours, a day or a week to meet the amazing, friendly, beautiful, humorous people who make Cambodia such an amazing place? Cambodia Alive! is here to give you that opportunity.

"Independent travellers" attempt this often, driving their rented motorcycles to random villages in the countryside. Lacking language skills and information about the area, these travellers are limited to games of charades and taking pictures of people who may or may not want to be photographed. While they're photographs might speak of great moments of mutual understanding, their real experiences say otherwise.

Our carefully selected guides and partners are here to help you have the living Cambodia experience that most visitors to Cambodia miss out on. Homestay with monks, rice wine with highland minorities in Ratanakiri, Preah Vihear with a former soldier....

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