Bun Cha 145 Bui Vien

So I was staying on Bui Vien. I told my friend we could eat whatever, but really what I wanted, all that I wanted in the world was Hanoi-style bun cha. Grilled pork slices, fish-saucy broth (I usually don’t like anything fishy, but this is too good), pork patties, veggies and noodles for dipping. So good.

We walked along Bui Vien and there it was. “Bun Cha 145 – Hanoi…” something or other. It was hard to believe. Breakfast sorted. While I was worried about eating this quintessential street food in a clean, indoor cafe on a touristy street, at 38000, the price didn’t really blow away Hanoi Old Quarter street prices. I ordered extra noodles as I always do, but I was wondering if serving-size differences between this restaurant and Hanoi streets would make that an incorrect calculation. Nope. As always I ate the hell out of the noodles. And the meat was beautiful. Veggies money. Yeah, this places did well. Throw in a tasty nem ran (fried spring roll) and bam, yeah, oh yeah.

I’ll eat here again.

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